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Greener life

In my journey to finding myself, understanding my mission and defining my values, I stepped into the world of environment awareness and my impact on nature on a day to day basis. The more I look around, the more actions I see that I could take. In this section I will talk about some of my actions, books that I find interesting on the subject, Documentaries etc…

Seeds Workshop

Living at RVA, I became the master of the seeds, thanks to Tessa’s dedication to teach me all about them! And I’m so happy about it!!! Seeds are fantastic! These little dry insignificant beads can give life to your lettuce, tomatoes… Continue Reading →

Building a home-garden

There we are, deep into the program, ready to go and make a difference in the community! The next part of our program consists in making St Vincent climate change ready. To do so, the plan is to help locals become… Continue Reading →

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