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My self-awareness journey.

In the beginning of 2017, a difficult break up put me face to face again with my ever-present questions about life and what to do with mine. I have the chance to be supported by amazing friends and family, and this made the journey most interesting. I couldn’t identify the exact moment that became the turning point in my life that led me where I stand now. I didn’t have a revelation or an apparition, no near-death experience, no shock, nothing… just a set of events, steps, reflections, self-awareness, personality tests, discussions, that made me explore my options and take a certain set of decisions.

The Sisterhood of Mandalay!

July 2020, Mandalay mapping with Claire. It’s 5 am, I’m shivering, puffy eyed and groggy from the long ride (Buses here tend to use air con in a completely irrational way!). The bus just came to a stop and as… Continue Reading →

Back in Paradise

At the end of my 6 months program, I decided to come back to RVA as a teacher for the November team. But why this decision and what does it mean to be a teacher in another kind of school?… Continue Reading →

Morning class: Crossing Crisis- Relations between US and Latin America

Every Monday and Friday we have what we call morning class. Everyone, teacher, student, guest speaker, is welcome to prepare a presentation about any topic that is of interest to them and share their passion about it. This morning a guest speaker… Continue Reading →

The Leather notebook

Earlier this year, my friend Gemma (who knows that I love new challenges), came up with this idea: “Camille, I want to make a leather notebook for my daughter, to record small events and funny pictures of her growing up,… Continue Reading →

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