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"What? You're leaving again? Where to this time?" A few questions that are part of my life, but if they were not there I would not be me :) Trying to become a conscious citizen of the earth, I am embarking on a self discovery journey... will you follow me?

Villages vibes

Myanmar is a mysterious and enigmatic country. Its people are shy, friendly, superstitious, generous, and extremely resilient. Getting to know them is a privilege that I am lucky to experience.  December 2020, the region of Yangon is locked. Travelling to… Continue Reading →

When there are no Tourists.

In the distance, we can distinguish some stupas and temples… we finally believe it. Claire and I were able to escape Yangon and reach Bagan for a well-deserved holiday…

The Sisterhood of Mandalay!

July 2020, Mandalay mapping with Claire. It’s 5 am, I’m shivering, puffy eyed and groggy from the long ride (Buses here tend to use air con in a completely irrational way!). The bus just came to a stop and as… Continue Reading →

Myanmar Colors, before the lock-down!

From leaving India to arriving in Myanmar and spending the first 2 weeks of my mission in a totally new atmosphere… In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to…

Indian Impressions

And “PAF!” here I am in India, for a two weeks training, before the start of my mission in Myanmar. Times goes slow and really fast at the same time!

Time for a new Adventure!

You might not have followed the last episodes of my search for a more fulfilling future… so here is a little summary!

An article in “Communities” magazine

About a year ago, as I was still a student at RVA, I was asked to write something about living in a community with a meaning… This is the final published version of my article 🙂 So Happy 🙂 Here… Continue Reading →

Vincy Sunday

Sunday mornings are very special in many places in the world, but what does a Sunday morning feel like in Saint Vincent? A fresh breeze lifts the curtains, birds are singing, the night crickets just went quiet, the rooster is… Continue Reading →

About Seedlings

Seeds are fantastic! These little dry insignificant beads can give life to your lettuce, tomatoes or even a huge mango tree!!! Can you imagine? As the master of seeds here at RVA, I have the privilege to work with them… Continue Reading →

Dominican Encounters

In the Kalinago Territory Our plane is flying over the Caribbean sea, we distinguish Saint Lucia then Martinique and finally, Dominica shows its green, mountainous shape. As we get closer, we are struck by the aspect of the island. Most… Continue Reading →

Back in Paradise

At the end of my 6 months program, I decided to come back to RVA as a teacher for the November team. But why this decision and what does it mean to be a teacher in another kind of school?… Continue Reading →

Morning class: Crossing Crisis- Relations between US and Latin America

Every Monday and Friday we have what we call morning class. Everyone, teacher, student, guest speaker, is welcome to prepare a presentation about any topic that is of interest to them and share their passion about it. This morning a guest speaker… Continue Reading →

Investigation: Going Fishing, Vincy Style

The appointment is taken, the girls are going fishing tonight. At 5:30, the sun is still hot and the black sand is burning our feet as we walk down the beach to our pick up point. Tyson and his crew… Continue Reading →

She prepares a Caribbean island for Climate Change

A few weeks ago, I contacted a couple of Newspapers in my home region. Simon Loignon interviewed me, and today there was an article in the French Newspaper “SUD OUEST” about a certain firefly! What a nice feeling! I love… Continue Reading →

Building weekend in the mountain

Our Permaculture Teacher, Luke, and his family, own land in the province of Vermont in Saint Vincent. This piece of land is located in the mountain, when you reach the end of the paved road you still need to drive for a… Continue Reading →

Seeds Workshop

Living at RVA, I became the master of the seeds, thanks to Tessa’s dedication to teach me all about them! And I’m so happy about it!!! Seeds are fantastic! These little dry insignificant beads can give life to your lettuce, tomatoes… Continue Reading →

Building a home-garden

There we are, deep into the program, ready to go and make a difference in the community! The next part of our program consists in making St Vincent climate change ready. To do so, the plan is to help locals become… Continue Reading →

Drawing and Lettering

It all began with a simple sentence: -“Me?!?! no way!!! I can’t draw!” This was not the thing to say!!! I earned my first drawing lesson that day, I was impressed and I actually started to believe it when you… Continue Reading →

Organic gardening at RVA

In the past 2 months, I have started to work on several projects on the Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Working in the organic garden is one of my favourite tasks. I never thought I would like working outside… Continue Reading →

Weekend in Owia

Last week, as part of our climate change study program, we went on a field trip to Orange Hill and Owia. It takes about 3 and a half hours from Richmond to Owia, so to make the most of the… Continue Reading →

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