It all began with a simple sentence:

-“Me?!?! no way!!! I can’t draw!”

This was not the thing to say!!! I earned my first drawing lesson that day, I was impressed and I actually started to believe it when you told me:
-“Everyone can draw! It’s an exercise, it’s like riding a bike, like writing, like walking, like reading… at first, you don’t know how, but then you start learning. It’s not beautiful and confident right away, you have to stumble and fall before you manage it, but you will manage eventually.”

A couple of years ago, someone told me “everybody can draw”, and I didn’t think it was true… But, because I’m a bit stubborn and I love learning new things, I thought I would prove that person wrong… And I started to learn drawing with a book called “Drawing for the absolute and utter beginner” by Claire Watson Garcia. So, I started practising, and indeed, it’s not easy, but with time and exercises, it starts looking better every day.

And then I realized that person was right! And thanks for pushing me, because I’m now in love with drawing and making things myself!

Here are a few examples of the different tasks I drew.

And some landscapes!

During the past months, I started making personalized postcards and posters for my friends, and family. Just because it’s nice to think about the person, about something they would like and create a drawing especially for them. I’m not yet ready to make original drawings but with a nice example I can copy and make some cool things!

Thanks to this drawing experience, I was even able to design the logo for this blog !!! The firefly with a travel-bug original drawing was then made into this super cool design and turned into tote bags and t-shirts by my friend Loïc from  Loackme.